Gregory Porter's Popular Voices - Netflix

Grammy award-winning soul and jazz star Gregory Porter takes viewers on a 100 year celebration through the mystery, joy and pain that lies behind some of the greatest voices in modern music.

In each of the three episodes Gregory traces the musical journey of three distinct styles of singing - the crooning voice, the truth-telling growl and the show-stopping, virtuosic voice – revealing the surprising pathways each of these classic vocal styles have taken through popular music history, and featuring encounters with some of Gregory's all-time favourite singers.

Gregory Porter's Popular Voices - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2017-11-17

Gregory Porter's Popular Voices - Cheltenham Jazz Festival - Netflix

Cheltenham Jazz Festival is one of the UK's leading jazz festivals, and is part of Cheltenham Festivals' annual festival season, also including the Science, Music and Literature Festivals in Cheltenham Spa.

Gregory Porter's Popular Voices - Fringe artists - Netflix

2008's ‘Fringe’ performers included: Nia Lynn's 'The Bannau Trio', Le Tatou Bleu, Swing From Paris, Blue Soup, Monk's Milk, Strung Out, Clint Denyer, The Dave Greatrex trio, Joe Summers, Rokhsan Heydari, Peter Hopcroft Quartet, Step Change, Sam Wooster trio, Ricardo Gazzini, Alex Merritt Quartet, Aida severo, Xposed Club Performance, Edward Leaker Trio, Fat Digester, Moment's Notice, Tym Jozwiak, Adam Sanders Quintet, 8-Fold, Ben Bryden, Jamie Safiruddin Quartet, Espresso, Patsy Gamble, Salsa del sol, Andre Canniere, Tommy Charles Quartet, Melonious Funk, IPSO Facto, Big Brunch Band, Steve Franks & Janey Ross, Bunty and The Worm, Tom Bunting quartet, Gareth Roberts Quintet, Alcyona Mick Quintet, Free Spirits, Royal Oak Brass and The Indigo Kings.

Gregory Porter's Popular Voices - References - Netflix

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