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M!LF or Man! Liberation Front is the name of a Flemish television program on 2BE. It is about a non-existing anti-"new men" organisation that reacts against men doing so-called women-tasks. It is created and presented by Jan Van Looveren and Philippe Geubels. In between sketches and gags, candidates compete in a series of challenges to determine who is most "manly".

M!LF - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-03-08

M!LF - Lycoming ALF 502 - Netflix

The Lycoming ALF 502 is a geared turbofan engine produced by Lycoming Engines, AlliedSignal and then Honeywell Aerospace. The original YF102 was developed at the Stratford Army Engine Plant in Connecticut by adding a fan to the Lycoming T55 engine, which was used as the gas generator. Six engines were built for the Northrop YA-9 prototype ground-attack aircraft. These engines were later reused in the C-8A Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft (QSRA). The ALF 502 was certified in 1980, and used on the British Aerospace 146 and Bombardier Challenger 600. The improved, higher-thrust Honeywell LF 507 was used on the Avro RJ update of the BAe 146.

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The ALF502 is a high bypass turbofan with geared fan, axial-centrifugal flow high pressure compressor, reverse flow annular combustor, two-stage high pressure turbine, two-stage low pressure turbine : ALF502R-3 (single-stage LP compressor) ALF502R-4: R-3 with higher thrust ALF502R-5: R-4 with improved first-stage and second-stage turbine nozzle assemblies ALF502R-3A: R-3 with gas producer turbine improvements, but operated at higher thrust ALF502L (two-stage LP compressor) ALF502L-2: L with fan blade modification for increased altitude performance ALF502L-3: L-2 with turbine improvements and automatic power reserve features ALF502L-2A: L-2 with gas producer turbine improvements and automatic power reserve features ALF502L-2C: L-2A without automatic power reserve ALF502R-6: L-2C with R-5 accessory gearbox LF507-1H: R-6 with lower, flat-rated thrust LF507-1F: 507-1H with a single-channel FADEC with hydromechanical backup

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