The People's Supermarket - Netflix

The People's Supermarket is a documentary series which follows restaurant owner Arthur Potts Dawson as he attempts to create a new type of supermarket in which members of the public choose what is sold on the shelves, work in the store and are part owners in the store itself.

The People's Supermarket - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-02-06

The People's Supermarket - Countdown (supermarket) - Netflix

Countdown is a New Zealand full-service supermarket chain and subsidiary of Woolworths NZ, itself a subsidiary of Australia's Woolworths Limited. Countdown stores are normally larger than the average New Zealand supermarket. The first Countdown store opened in 1981 and the chain has expanded to 184 stores as of 2016. It is the largest single supermarket chain in New Zealand in terms of number of stores, although the rival Four Square chain has a larger number of premises including smaller retail stores in rural areas.

The People's Supermarket - History - Netflix

In May 1981, the first Countdown market opened at Northlands Mall in Papanui, Christchurch. This business was established by Rattrays Wholesale. The Rattrays Wholesale Group included the Rattrays Cash and Carry warehouses, tobacco vans, now known as the Red Arrow Distributors fleet and also included the SuperValue group of franchised supermarkets and now operating as SuperValue/FreshChoice. In 2006, Foodland Associated Limited (FAL) Australia, purchased the Countdown/Rattrays business. This acquisition was then followed by gaining a majority share holding in Woolworths NZ (formally Progressive Enterprises Limited), including General Distributors Limited, trading as the Foodtown. In October 1993, Foodland Associated Limited (FAL) bought the majority shareholding in Woolworths NZ from Coles Myer and, shortly after, bought all remaining public shares and delisted Woolworths NZ from the New Zealand stock exchange. With this purchase, Woolworths NZ became the parent company for a number of FAL brands. Woolworths NZ consisted of Foodtown Supermarkets, Countdown, Georgie Pie, Rattrays and Supervalue. On 17 June 2002, Woolworths NZ bought Woolworths Supermarkets (NZ) Ltd from Hong Kong-based owners Dairy Farm Group. The sale saw Woolworths NZ's supermarket brands Foodtown, Countdown, 3 Guys, SuperValue and FreshChoice joined by Woolworths Supermarkets (NZ), Big Fresh and Price Chopper. As a result, Woolworths NZ increased its share of the NZ grocery market to approximately 45%. In 2003 Woolworths NZ closed its Auckland and Christchurch distribution centers and rehired the redundant workers. During the period of 1993-2005, Countdown changed from a foodmarket type format offering mainly groceries to a “full-service discount supermarket”. The stores vary in size due to the consolidation of brands after the merger with Woolworths (NZ) Ltd. A number of Big Fresh, Price Chopper, and 3 Guys stores were rebranded to Countdown stores during after this merger. On 24 November 2005, Australian company Woolworths Limited purchased Woolworths NZ from Foodland Associated Limited. In October 2006, Woolworths NZ announced a discount fuel scheme with Gull Petroleum and Shell to offer discounts on petrol when shoppers spend $40 or more in their Woolworths, Foodtown or Countdown stores. This scheme was similar to the one their parent company Woolworths Limited offered in Australia. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigated whether this activity was anticompetitive, the result of which was an undertaking by the parent company to change its methods of offering fuel discounts in Australia. Foodstuffs stores in New Zealand also offered fuel discounts at BP and their own New World and Pak'nSave fuel sites. In July 2008, Onecard, which could previously only be used at Woolworths and Foodtown, was extended to Countdown. In September 2009, Woolworths NZ announced it would re-brand all its Foodtown and Woolworths stores to Countdown as stores were refurbished. The final Foodtown and Woolworths to re-brand were Browns Bay and Meadowlands respectively, both on 14 November 2011. A single Woolworths outlet continues to operate at Mount Maunganui's Bayfair Shopping Centre. The store was not rebranded because a Countdown already existed at the centre. The suburb of Johnsonville, Wellington and the City of Upper Hutt, in Northern Wellington Region, both have two Countdown stores less than 150 m (160 yd) apart - the result of one pre-existing Countdown store and one larger rebranded Woolworths store. Both stores stock a similar range of products. The same situation occurs in Napier whereby there are two Countdown Stores directly across the road from each other. In terms of branding, the pre-existing Countdowns (Countdown stores existing before the initial rebranding) generally still retain the old style logo (although some have been updated) but the rebranded Woolworth/Foodtown stores have been updated to display the new style logo. On 10 December 2012, Countdown launches its first Countdown branded in-store Pharmacy. On 3 November 2014, Countdown began selling low-cost life and travel insurance through a deal with insurance giant Cigna. On 1 August 2016, Countdown began its partnership with BP and Caltex through the AA Smartfuel program to offer fuel discounts, replacing its partnership with Z. The partnership with Gull continued until October 2016.

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