The Private Life of... - Netflix

Jimmy Doherty embarks on a quest to reveal the hidden lives of farmyard animals.

The Private Life of... - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-07-07

The Private Life of... - The Private Life of a Masterpiece - Netflix

The Private Life of a Masterpiece was a BBC arts documentary series which told the stories behind great works of art; 29 episodes of the series were broadcast on BBC Two, commencing on 8 December 2001 and ending on 25 December 2010. It initially ran for five seasons from 8 December 2001 to 17 April 2006, for a total of 22 episodes; each episode was 50 minutes long. A seven-DVD box set of the first five series was released in 2007, which re-arranged the documentaries into genres from art history. A further seven episodes were broadcast between 24 December 2006 and 25 December 2010. The series has been widely broadcast around the world, often in re-voiced into national languages. The original narrations were done by the actor Samuel West. Works of art featured range from Michelangelo's David for the first episode to Filippo Lippi's Adoration of the Christ Child for the last. The series was produced by independent TV production company Fulmar Television & Film, based in Cardiff. The series producer, who also devised the concept of the programme, was Jeremy Bugler. The series was praised by the TV critic of The Times, David Chater, who listed it at Number 30 in The top 50 TV shows of the Noughties.

The Private Life of... - Episode guide - Netflix

Series 1 (2001) Michelangelo: David Edvard Munch: The Scream Series 2 (2002) Édouard Manet: Le déjeuner sur l'herbe Diego Velázquez: The Rokeby Venus Series 3 (2004) Auguste Rodin: The Kiss Francisco Goya: The Third of May 1808 Auguste Renoir: Bal au moulin de la Galette, Montmartre Rembrandt van Rijn: The Night Watch Sandro Botticelli: La Primavera James McNeill Whistler: Whistler's Mother Vincent van Gogh: Sunflowers Edgar Degas: Little Dancer Aged Fourteen Pablo Picasso: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon Katsushika Hokusai: The Great Wave Series 4 (2005) Georges Seurat: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Gustav Klimt: The Kiss Eugène Delacroix: Liberty Leading the People Johannes Vermeer: The Art of Painting Paolo Uccello: The Battle of San Romano Series 5 (2006) Leonardo da Vinci: The Last Supper Salvador Dalí: Christ of Saint John of the Cross Piero della Francesca: The Resurrection The Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece (2006) Jan van Eyck: The Annunciation Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Census At Bethlehem Paul Gauguin: God's Child The Private Life of an Easter Masterpiece (2009) Caravaggio: The Taking Of Christ The Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece (2009) Sandro Botticelli: The Mystic Nativity The Private Life of an Easter Masterpiece (2010) Rogier van der Weyden: The Descent from the Cross The Private Life of a Christmas Masterpiece (2010) Filippo Lippi: The Adoration of the Christ Child

The Private Life of... - References - Netflix

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